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Badlands/White River KOA

Created by emptynesttraveller on February 5, 2006

2 Reviews

Although it looked desolate and isolated at first glance, the beauty of the area soon became apparent.

Badlands of South Dakota

Created by ducksunset on August 22, 2003

1 Review

Badlands National Park in South Dakota looks deceivingly desolate, but has numerous wildlife and a surprising splash of color.

Road trip to South Dakota - Badlands

Created by Binky on July 8, 2001

5 Reviews

My family and I spent a week at Badlands National Park and the Black Hills region of South Dakota after driving from Detroit. Badlands National Park webpage:

Go West Young Man- And Did I Ever!

Created by ademir on October 29, 2000

8 Reviews

This was truly a trip worth the "pain". The pain was traveling in a small car from Pittsburgh all the way to Mt. Rushmore.Once there, the trip was better than expected.

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