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Memorial Day Weekend Trip to Solvang

Created by stvchin on May 27, 2013 Best of IgoUgo

7 Reviews
1 Story

We're making our way up from Los Angeles for a quick Memorial Day getaway to the Danish enclave of Solvang, in Santa Barbara County, with plenty of scenic hiking and Danish food.

Solvang Prelude Biking and Wine Tasting Weekend

Created by StephCat on December 9, 2005 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews

The Solvang Prelude was a perfect choice for a first bike event: close to home, beautiful scenery, and wineries!

Babymoon - Guster

Created by CoupleTravels on July 22, 2010

2 Reviews

Pregnant with our first child we attempt to go relax (we're bad at relaxing) on California's Central Coast. Our main destination was Solvang with a night at the Madonna Inn on the way down and a side trip (that ends up not happening) to Santa Barbara.

Central California

Created by Jypsies32 on July 11, 2006

7 Reviews

A romantic trip for couples halfway up the California Coast.

A Little Town Called Solvang

Created by bramirez7 on January 23, 2006

1 Review

This is the cutest little town!

Going Sideways in Solvang

Created by Nature Girl1 on February 4, 2005

2 Reviews

My mom was visiting me from Florida and wanted to visit one of Oprah's favorite destinations - Solvang. What a great trip it was!

California Dreaming

Created by Marina999uk on September 29, 2004

1 Review

An (failed!) attempt to do California in two weeks with my internet backgammon opponent.

Anniversary Weekend in Solvang

Created by jrose710 on September 20, 2004

6 Reviews
1 Story

One-year anniversary trip up the coast for some wine tasting and Danish culture.

Santa Ynez Vally, the "other" California wine coun

Created by Janda on July 12, 2002

3 Reviews

Instead of repeating everything that Veronica Bullard expertly wrote in her journal "wine tasting in Solvang CA," I would like to add a few more tips.

Wine tasting in Solvang CA

Created by Veronica Ondrejech on March 18, 2002

3 Reviews
1 Story

In the heart of Santa Barbara wine country lies the charming town of Solvang which offers both wine lovers and travelers a Danish cultural experience in a setting central to local vineyards.

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