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Honeymoon in Mozambique

Created by Seaotter71 on May 4, 2006 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews

A week in a luxury resort on the Bazaruto archipelago.

Heaven in Mozambique

Created by jusdawn on January 2, 2006

1 Review

The real Mozambique cannot be found in Maputo, Vilankulo, or Tofo. Although they are beautiful, it isn't real. It is just the tip of possibilities that are available if you have some cajones.

Working as a Farm Labourer in East Africa

Created by ThisOldHag on July 1, 2005

1 Review
1 Story

I worked on a farm for 4 months, de-landmined it, and then planted macadamia trees.

Surfing goats in Mozambique

Created by emlett on January 24, 2004

1 Review

Mozambique was part of our journey through Africa -- we hadn't the cash for an organised tour, but doing it alone was an amazing challenge.

mozambique wonder

Created by tipi2 on October 28, 2003

1 Review

Maputo in Mozambique is so beautiful. There's friendly people whereever you go.

Mozzies and Manta's: Mozambique style

Created by Izzie on October 23, 2003

2 Reviews

Mozambique . . . what a country! Forgotten by the rest of the world, wracked by civil war and natural disasters, it's not Africa for beginners. Go there. Seriously . . .

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