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Ocala a different kind of Florida

Created by zabelle on May 8, 2013

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We spent a week enjoying food, company and searching for what may end up being our winter home. It is a lovely area quite different from the other areas of Florida that we have visited.

We Met at 'The Beautiful Moon'

Created by ellsquare on March 16, 2007

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Who would have thought that these two would meet, let alone what would happen...

Ocala On My Mind

Created by willow on November 24, 2000

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Ocala and the surrounding area has a natural unspoiled beauty missing in much of Florida. This is the Florida featured in the movies 'Cross Creek', 'The Yearling' and 'Yulee's Gold'.

Ocala - Enjoyed with a native

Created by AnaMH on November 22, 2000

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I have a good friend that lives in Ocala, so I get to visit often. Ocala is town built around nature. It is home to world famous champion thoroughbred horse breeding, a National forest and Silver Springs. This small town has a lot to offer.

walt's ventures

Created by WALTH on October 22, 2000

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horse country

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