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A Small Corner of Africa

Created by ThisOldHag on July 1, 2005

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A vast land with strange rituals and a fearless, optimistic people

A true African experience

Created by Greg Skinner on January 10, 2003

1 Review

I traveled south from Tanzania to Malawi. I had heard nothing but good things about Malawi and was not to be disapointed. I traveled through west and central Malawi, and this was the perfect place to unwind in every manner.

Kande Beach, Malawi

Created by matttan on October 15, 2002

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Kande Beach, Malawi, is definitely one of those out of the way places that few travellers get to. But if your in that part of the world, the effort is worth it.

malawi getaway

Created by gozlan on April 11, 2002

1 Review

an amazing getaway from life ...

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