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Peaceful Placencia

Created by lcampbell on May 12, 2004 Best of IgoUgo

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Visiting Placencia is like going to an offshore caye without leaving mainland Belize. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere, combined with miles of white sand and plenty of activities, make this a great vacation destination. This is a place I would definitely return to over and over again.

Journeys in Placencia, Belize

Created by Liza on February 13, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

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Placencia Village is one of the most laid-back places to visit in all of Belize. Just about 10 years ago it could only be reached by boat until it was discovered by travelers and has now become an unspoiled, quiet seaside resort.

Spring Break in Placencia

Created by PonyGirl2 on April 14, 2008

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Our family (adults and teenagers) spent spring break in Placencia, Belize.

Placencia In Two Days

Created by Neb2489 on October 28, 2007

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While Placencia has its up sides, and would be perfect for some travelers, I found it to be highly overrated, and a little luxurious for my tastes.

Long and Calm in Placencia

Created by Tim in france on February 16, 2007

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Placencia is not for all. It is scruffy, basic, hard to get to but laid back, unspoiled and lovely.

Placencia: Barefoot Perfect

Created by Itieflies4food on March 4, 2005

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Going to Placencia for the first time was a happy accident. My two sons and I had decided that for Christmas break vacation, we wanted to go somewhere warm for a change, so we consulted the Internet, looking for dive spots, and found Belize. The rest was a piece of cake...

Honeymoon in Placencia

Created by samirizvi on February 7, 2005

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My wife and I spent a week in Placencia. It's a warm, friendly town with many things to do!

Belize: Jungle Meets the Ocean

Created by cjanerun on November 8, 2004

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This was the perfect introduction to Belize, and perfect for a couple seeking light to moderate adventure!

Hangin' Out in Placencia

Created by JBradbury on October 16, 2002

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My brother and I often visit Placencia, Belize to get some time away and chill out. Fantastic and laid back beach town that's got tons of culture and is off the beaten track.

Postcards From Placencia

Created by datnurse on October 19, 2000

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"Put the rum in the coconut, shake it all up....Dayight gone but we don't want to go home." Hey! That pretty well summed up our feelings after spending a long restful weekend in Placencia last year while taking a break from the work we were doing farthur south in Punta Gorda (PG).

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