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Created by nmagann on June 13, 2003 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews

Night diving like I’ve never experienced, such relaxed diving that I could dive 80 minutes on a tank, and so inexpensive that I paid for an advanced diving course. Free accommodations and kayak along with $2 meals. What else could I want?

Going back Home to Roatan

Created by navajor on October 17, 2010

6 Reviews

The place I love to see sunsets and night dive!

The real Roatan

Created by Travelingwith2 on October 25, 2007

1 Review

Island of Roatan, the places we went and where we stayed. Plus some amazing musts.

Scuba in Roatan!

Created by JetSet4Life on February 26, 2007

2 Reviews

What it's like to go to Roatan afraid of water and come back a certified open water diver...

Fun in a Caribbean Paradise - Roatan, Honduras

Created by karma841 on December 4, 2006

4 Reviews

Well, being a traveller that is always looking for a good time... this was one of my top trips I've made. Safe, clean, English-speaking and still off the maps! Roatan has everything to offer, from a relaxing trip, to some adventurous travel.

Roatan - Rainforests to Coral Reefs

Created by adman2u on October 26, 2006

3 Reviews

Our days were spent diving pristine coral reefs.

Would the Real Honduras Please Stand Up?

Created by ext212 on June 13, 2006

2 Reviews
1 Story

We spent 4 days in Roatan and left not knowing anything about Honduran culture at all.

Drinking + Diving = West End

Created by Kafka on May 25, 2006

1 Review

West End: Roatan's hotspot of budget backpackers, underpaid divemasters, sun worshippers, and party animals. Cheap, busy, and fun.

Great Vacation in West Bay Beach, Roatan

Created by beachlover1952 on April 3, 2006

4 Reviews
3 Stories

Snorkeling in crystal clear water just a few hundred feet off a white sand beach just steps away from a wonderful beach house. What a bargain and out of the way adventure.

Relaxing on Roatan

Created by SaraP on March 4, 2006

3 Reviews
1 Story

The Bay Islands, a semi-circle running from Belize to Honduras, cover the second-biggest coral reef in the world. A 20-minute flight, or 1.5 hour boat ride from the Honduran mainland, Roatan is the biggest of the islands. Caribbean in flavor, warm and welcoming, and all are well worth a visit.

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