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Created by Barb B on December 1, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews

For centuries it was little more than a sleepy fishing village bathed in sun on the Mediterranean shore. Since then, Cannes has seen an awakening and now the famous setting for the International Film Festival is overflowing with sights, sounds and unforgetable experiences.

3 Days in Cannes

Created by boozin bob on May 22, 2007

1 Review

A business trip I had to Cannes a few weeks ago

A Week on the

Created by LitlLulu on April 25, 2007

2 Reviews

Wanting to head to Cannes during the internationally renowned film festival? Make sure you plan early as hotels and accommodations are not only extremely expensive, but get booked quickly. Here, I will give you suggestions of where to stay and what to do besides watching films!

Business Trip to Cannes

Created by surfinusa on March 1, 2007

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I discovered a new lounge bar in the centre of town, Morrisons lounge, I got to tell you we had a blast in the place! We even though we would have an expense account but we didn't break the bank. The gals behind the bar made our trip.

FABulous in Cannes

Created by indigotima on August 16, 2005

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Can there be anything more inherently Cannes than to lounge on cushioned recliners beside the ocean with young bronzed Frenchmen offering up drinks and salad?

Music festival in Cannes, France

Created by WorldTraveless on April 29, 2005

1 Review

Cannes was beautiful, with great food. I strongly suggest staying at Hotel Martinez; the service was amazing, food was great, and fresh fruit on the hotel's beach was absolute heaven. The shopping in Cannes was great. I strongly suggest finding small French-cuisine restaurants.

Summer in Cannes

Created by eliza0214 on July 11, 2004

5 Reviews

I spent two summers living in Cannes and studying French at the Collège de Cannes.

Zigbee quarterly - 12/1/02

Created by gmulligan on October 20, 2003

3 Reviews

I attended the Zigbee meeting in Sophia Antipolis, stayed in Cannes overnight, and then went to Paris before heading home.

Cannes Darling

Created by Artours on September 24, 2003

2 Reviews

I spent two weeks in a timeshare apartment near Cannes in a lovely village called Mougins. I drove right along the Riviera from Monaco to Cannes with friends and family.

Walking along the red carpet in Cannes

Created by lbailey on October 16, 2002

1 Review

Rubbing shoulders with stars!

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