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A Breathtaking Costa Vista

Created by greenwater9 on December 14, 2005

1 Story

Bella Vista Ranch: No other words describe this place more superbly than "heaven on earth." See

Costa Rica

Created by Baudet on November 10, 2004

1 Review
1 Story

This is one of the coolest places in Central America.

City Girl's Adventures Abroad: Puerto Viejo de Tal

Created by Chicago Chic on September 4, 2004

4 Reviews

Puerto Viejo is a town of quiet beaches and laid-back atmosphere by day, that opens up into a busy city of full clubs and discos by night.

the best beach town in CR

Created by robecita on July 24, 2001

4 Reviews
1 Story

Puerto Viejo is, for me, the most interesting beach town in Costa Rica.

Caribbean Paradise

Created by scooby on October 10, 2000

3 Reviews

The locals (such as Patrick, the unofficial leisure consultant) say there was nothing here five years ago except for some rastas, palm trees, and a whole lot of fresh lobster. As one tourist said to me, ¨This is a perfect place to do nothing.¨

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