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The First Mardi Gras - Mobile

Created by Eric from Aiea on February 2, 2011 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews

When ever anyone hears you are going to Mardi Gras, they always think of New Orleans. However, there is another city that celebrates Mardi Gras that is just as much fun and one spectacular Southern event - and that is Mobile, Alabama.

Steel and Magnolias: A Day Trip to Mobile

Created by Wildcat Dianne on April 21, 2005 Best of IgoUgo

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Mobile, Alabama, is a short ride from my sister's home in Pensacola, Florida. We took a day trip to see the Battleship USS Alabama, the historic Ft. Conde, and a little of the city.

Mobile - Jewel of the South

Created by surfninja on June 21, 2011

2 Reviews
1 Story

Visit to Mobile in Spring of 2011

Discovering the Alabama Gulf Coast

Created by kay williamson on September 22, 2007

1 Review

This is not the Mobile your mother knew.

Must-See Mobile

Created by Amber Autumn on June 17, 2007

4 Reviews
1 Story

Although French explorer Bienville didn't pick to settle this land and call it "New Orleans", Mobile is considered a coastal jewel of Alabama because of its variety of must-see things to do, and places to be.

They Called It Mobile -- Alabama

Created by haccher on September 23, 2003

4 Reviews

I visit the Mobile area about twice per year and have always enjoyed the food, historic homes, gardens, and museums.

Mobile, Alabama's entry to the sea

Created by Tideone on October 10, 2000

8 Reviews
1 Story

Mobile is Alabama's seaport and it's oldest city. There are many things to see and do when you visit.

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