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Smith Rock Climbing

Created by kaitiklown on October 18, 2005

2 Reviews

Just north of Bend, OR, is a rock climber's mecca (if you like sport climbing); it's like a gym outdoors.

Ski Mt. Bachelor

Created by Wasatch on November 16, 2004

2 Reviews

When we lived on the East Coast, Mt. Bachelor, some 80 miles from the Pacific Ocean, was one of our favorite ski areas. Thanks to the mess the hub and spoke system made of air travel, it takes a day to get anywhere, so why not go across the country?

The Oregon that is not costal

Created by photogal2000 on October 12, 2004

4 Reviews

I have been to Oregon many times since my son lives in Portland, but this is the first time I have been to the high desert area.

Real Cowboys and holdups too.

Created by VegaGold on May 9, 2003

1 Review

Stoneridge Townhomes (#2770) Sunriver Oregon. Double entry way, very high ceilings with a staircase to be dreamed of, large dinning area for whole families, a kitchen with cupboards from here to breakfast. More, yes, there is a garage to go along with this wonderful place (electric opener too).

Eaglecrest in Redmond

Created by PATRICIANN on April 8, 2003

1 Review

They have the best Christmas display!

Sunriver Holiday

Created by Jcinreno on March 10, 2003

2 Reviews

Sunriver is beautiful in the fall, which is a great time to enjoy the resort without the crowds. This resort community has wonderful bike paths, an outstanding golf course, wildlife watching areas and the Deschutes River runs through it!

Bend, Oregon/High Desert

Created by Chuckk on December 10, 2001

4 Reviews

I've been traveling to Bend,since 1987 approx. 7 times a year. The Beautiful Deschutes River for fishing, white water rafting and Mt. Bachelor/ snowboarding & skiing, makes this a vacation or getaway a memorable one.

The Central Oregon Highlights

Created by CerroTorre on January 22, 2001

5 Reviews
1 Story

I used to go to Bend just to visit, but I liked it so much that I moved here. I think Bend is one of the greatest places for getting outdoors.

Bend, OR

Created by Judy on October 8, 2000

3 Reviews
2 Stories

Bend is surrounded by high desert and pine forests making it a very popular destination for rafting the Deschutes River, skiing Mt. Bachelor or hiking and mountain biking in the Deschutes National Forest.

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