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Beautiful Bled - Slovenia's Picture Postcard Resort

Created by fizzytom on July 16, 2009 Best of IgoUgo

4 Reviews
2 Stories

A selection of recommendations to help you enjoy a short break to one of Slovenia's top tourist destinations

Lake Bled

Created by robertpallas on July 5, 2006

5 Reviews

My impressions and recommendations of this beautiful picturesque area.

Surprising Slovenia

Created by tooth fairy on January 6, 2005

1 Review

Beautiful, safe, and comfortable are good words to describe Lake Bled, the Park Hotel, and the surrounding countryside. The lake, with a little island in its center, is gorgeous. From our balcony, and better yet, from our bed, we could see the castle! This place is enchanting!

The picturesque Lake Bled

Created by Timone on September 26, 2003

12 Reviews

Lake Bled is a beautiful destination in a country full of magnificent secrets. It has a wonderful capital city and amazing scenery, no one should miss this place off a visit to Europe.

Winter on Lake Bled

Created by evilchris on August 24, 2003

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1 Story

Slovenia offers a refreshing skiing alternative to the high-season drawbacks of Austria and Germany (traffic, overpriced concessions, overcrowded facilities, average food, the worst Eurotrash remixes of your least favorite songs, etc.). Additionally, Slovenia offers alternatives to skiing, which the increasingly homogenized offerings of Austria and Germany do not.

Lake Bled

Created by The Irish Journeyman on June 22, 2003

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1 Story

Went with the Inghams to Bled and took most of the excursions.

Carinthian Beauty: Lake Bled, Slovenia

Created by HRH_Princess_Penelope on March 8, 2003

6 Reviews

What more can I say--it was home away from home--literally. The naturalistic sense you get when you step off the train at the main station and walk the pathway along the unspoilt lake to your accommodations is simply breathtaking!

Lake Bled in Summer

Created by Frankzardoz on January 12, 2003

1 Review

This is a quick guide to some of the more popular and interesting places to visit around Lake Bled and Slovenia.

Pristine Lake Bled

Created by rhiannon1968 on May 5, 2001

6 Reviews

Bled is Slovenia's main tourist destination. It's a small town on the crystal clear Lake Bled. Its 2 points of interest are the church in the island in the middle of the lake, and the castle on a rock just above Bled.

Lovely Lake Bled

Created by Big Al on October 4, 2000

3 Reviews

Learn about one of the most beautiful lakes with a church on a island in an untouristed country in central Europe.

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