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Two days on Arran in January

Created by weetoon on January 27, 2007

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A holiday in Scotland in January? As it turns out, we had a great time, just saw enough to know we'll be back.

My Isle of Arran

Created by chilblain on June 10, 2003

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Arran, being my home, is pretty special to me. It's the kind of place people come back to time and time again, no matter where they are from. It has so much to recommend itself, it's hard to know where to begin!

Arran: Scotland in miniature? maybe; real? YES

Created by davidx on October 14, 2002

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Only 3 nights for a self-planned minibreak. Easy to reach; adequate buses; good coast; some marvellous mountains - not Munroes thank heaven. Goat Fell was said to be overpopular and eroded so I chose a ridge walk.

Out and About on Arran

Created by stevepage on August 9, 2002

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Hidden off the West Coast I headed there for a quick visit and was amazed to find a complete jem of a place- not quite sure why its nicknamed Scotland in miniature but there was no shortage of things to see and do.

Scotland In Miniature

Created by Cubagirl on October 2, 2000

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Our 3rd visit to the Isle of Arran, Scotland. Great place for hikers, lovers of Celtic history (standing stones, etc.), castle lore, and island culture. The island is 10 miles by 20 miles, demarcated down the middle by a volcanic fault line.Mountains, 7 golf courses, hiking trails, superb accomodations.

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