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Florida's Beaches: More Than Great Sand

Created by Eve Carr on March 22, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

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I knew that the St. Petersburg/ Clearwater area of Florida has terrific beaches, but on this trip, I discovered a whole new world of culture, entertainment, and food. Let me share it with you.

St. Petersburg; More Than the Beach!

Created by Diane P on January 21, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

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Many people fly into Tampa airport and drive right out to one of the many beautiful west coast beaches. The beaches are terrific but it is worth the time to stop and see St. Petersburg, the city. Downtown St. Petersburg is relatively small but there is plenty to do!

Weekend Getaway in Saint Petersburg

Created by Heather Zeller on August 30, 2007

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Local bed-and-berakfast in Saint Petersburg that is elegant and convenient.

Birthday Fun

Created by Jason Rucker on July 9, 2007

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Stayed at the Heritage Hotel for my birthday and had a great time.

Weekend Getaway in Downtown St Petersburg

Created by Jason Rucker on June 22, 2007

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Great hotel for a getaway.

What the locals hang out in St. Pete

Created by ecspike on April 20, 2007

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Where the locals hang out in St. Pete

Local Reviews

Created by easyGoerFL on January 13, 2007

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Bad food, bad service, and expensive.

Red Tide before the Storm

Created by B. Coffee on September 2, 2005

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Ever wonder what it would be like to deep-sea fish while the red tide is in season, as it has been for the past several months, as we learn after the fact. Bigger fish could have been had in a pet store.

St. Pete: Can't be beat

Created by m2fernandes on May 30, 2005

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Fantastic beaches and fun! Not to far of a drive from Tampa. Drive down the beach road to see all there is to offer.

Big Cat Rescue

Created by cmcintire77 on February 2, 2005

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Big Cat Rescue is a non-profit sanctuary that takes in large cats of all types that have been mistreated or retired from shows and homes. It makes for a great educational trip for all ages... and you can stay overnight for a small donation.

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