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Northern Italy-Hill Towns of the Veneto

Created by Barb B on September 28, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

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So many tiny towns in the hills of the Veneto! Each possesses a unique value and a special pleasure, definitely worth your visit. Here you will find history, culture and the gentle folk so eager to meet you and share their foods, history, love and pride of their beloved land.

Rosalina and Italy’s Po Delta

Created by Barb B on July 12, 2004

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Follow Italy’s Romantic Roman Road beside the River Po until it reaches its confluence with the Adriatic. Here in the Po Delta you will discover wide valleys, lagoons, vivid sunsets, and scores of aquatic birds. The flora and wildlife amid the brackish backwater provides paradise for hiking, treks, and biking.

Italy: Veneto region

Created by kylebarber on November 25, 2000

4 Reviews

Highlights from my short excursions to the Veneto region of Italy, including Padua and Verona

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