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A Small Sampling of Michigan's U P

Created by MilwVon on August 7, 2013 Best of IgoUgo

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I thoroughly enjoyed my three day/two night trip to the U P. This journal wraps up the "best of the rest" including some stories about shipping on the Great Lakes. This trip was as educational as it was entertaining and inspiring.

Michigan's Upper Peninsula - A Nature Lover's Paradise

Created by MilwVon on August 7, 2013 Best of IgoUgo

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During my three day/two night camping trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I was able to taken in a National Lakeshore, National Forest and National Wildlife Refuge. While I didn't get to see any large animals in the wild, I did thoroughly enjoy my time in the U P.

Amazing Lighthouses and History

Created by MilwVon on August 5, 2013 Best of IgoUgo

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Now that I've found lighthouses to be an interesting subject to photograph, I sought out a new location to explore. Surrounded by Lake Superior to the north and Lake Michigan to the south, Michigan's Upper Peninsula provides an outstanding opportunity to learn more about a by-gone time in American history.

Up North: A Classic UP Vacation

Created by callen60 on December 11, 2008 Best of IgoUgo

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Mackinac Island, Tahquamenon Falls, and the Soo Locks: these classic UP vacation sites all lie within 75 miles of the Straits of Mackinac and the peninsula-spanning Mackinac Bridge. We retraced the steps of our families of origin with our own kids.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Created by callen60 on November 14, 2008 Best of IgoUgo

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Northern Michigan gem on Superior’s southern shore. Visits here make me think about what we set aside, and why, and whether it will ‘stick’.

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