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Modern Harare, Zimbabwe's Jewel

Created by Peregrine on November 14, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

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We used Harare as a base for traveling around the country where my husband had spent part of his childhood. Along the way, I was introduced to one of the loveliest places on earth.

Harare Nightlife

Created by ves on November 9, 2005

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Places to go out and have a good night.

Harare Highlights

Created by JemmaT on June 20, 2002

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Arrival in Harare is a great experience, not as shocking as you might expect, but if not prepared you will see some sights you are not prepared for.

African paradise

Created by Trow on November 2, 2000

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Coming from the city, Harare is the perfect place to visit. It is a big city with most ammenities but at the same time is surrounded by beautiful African savannahs and wildlife. In this town one can be as civilized or wild as one wants to be.

Africa's City that never Sleeps

Created by NikaoGirl on September 28, 2000

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Don't just go on vaction, go for an experience of a lifetime! When visiting Africa's City of Harare, don't plan on too much sleep. Harare literally means, "The City That Never Sleeps". In Zimbabwe there is adventure around every corner. Wildlife, Picturesque views, Waterfalls, Bungee!

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