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A Weekend in Boulder, CO and Vicinity

Created by fallschirmhosen on September 7, 2004 Best of IgoUgo

14 Reviews

Labor Day weekend in Boulder, Colorado. No, I didn't go for the CU-CSU football game. And, no, I didn't go for Taste of Colorado in Denver. But, what I did go for was great food, amazing sights, and a lot less oxygen than what I'm used to.

Ethnic Eats in Boulder

Created by lcampbell on February 13, 2002 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews

Since the town we live in doesn’t have an impressive restaurant selection, at least in our price range, we often head down to Boulder for some good eats. We usually end up in an ethnic restaurant.

College Football and Great Food in Boulder, CO

Created by crolsen on November 30, 2005

4 Reviews

The quintessential American autumn weekend: a college football game set against the Rockies, boutique shopping, sampling unique restaurants, and reuniting with an old friend.

Celestial Seasonings Tour and Gift Shop

Created by Raehockey21 on September 26, 2005

1 Review

The Celestial Seasonings Factory Tour, cafeteria, gift shop, and tea tasting

Bummin Around Boulder

Created by coloradowanderer on May 16, 2005

7 Reviews

Ever-evolving, yet stamped by influences of the past, Boulder soothes and teases your senses. The co-existence of hippies, yuppies, students, and families makes for a unique little town like no other.

Boulder, Boulder, Boulder

Created by Dr. Traveler on April 25, 2005

2 Reviews

Business trip to Boulder, Colorado

Colorado Front Range

Created by mikro on August 4, 2004

5 Reviews
1 Story

On a week's visit to Colorado: spending a few days with family in Boulder proved to be an interesting experience. The splendor of the mountains rising behind the city, the careful urban planning, and life in a college town make of it an eclectic place to enjoy.

Beautiful Boulder

Created by Halifax73 on July 1, 2004

1 Review

Boulder is a beautiful, scenic town at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Because of the university, it is very young and exciting. It is also known as a health/sports mecca. Lots of hiking and biking. Great town.

Escape the headaches in Boulder, CO

Created by MKtravel on June 22, 2004

6 Reviews

Boulder has amazing scenery, plenty of day activities, and lots of shopping.

You might as well live here!

Created by kinglobjaw on May 15, 2004

1 Review

My godmother lives in suburban Boulder CO. The city is really charming and peaceful -- I love this place! By highway, it's only 45 minutes from Denver International Airport.

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