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Caution - Belgium Will Sneak-up On You - Ghent II

Created by flyingscot4 on July 12, 2011 Best of IgoUgo

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Somehow I have developed an emotionally strong affinity for Ghent. I rank the city right up there with Edinburgh, Scotland, and Nürnberg, Germany (my two favorite cities in the world). My criteria for ranking a city at the top is simple. Would I like to live there? You bet!

Caution - Belgium Will Sneak-up On You - Ghent

Created by flyingscot4 on May 26, 2011 Best of IgoUgo

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Continuing with the Journal series about Belgium - "Caution - Belgium Will Sneak-up On You," this Journal features Ghent. This city of 60,000 residents joined by 60,000 students is a place for young and old, rich and poor, and those looking for intelligent conversation.

Gems in Ghent

Created by barbara on December 1, 2007 Best of IgoUgo

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We used Ghent as a base to explore nearby Ypres (also written as Ieper) and Bruges in one long weekend.

Glorious Ghent

Created by mightywease on March 28, 2007 Best of IgoUgo

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Wonderful architecture, great museums, beautiful canalside walks, a wealth of history and cosy bars add up to a fantastic city break in Ghent.

Bill in Belgium - GHENT

Created by billmoy on April 9, 2004 Best of IgoUgo

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Ghent is almost a forgotten town, as it is usually overshadowed by Brussels, Bruges, and Antwerp. However, travelers will see that Ghent is a charming old university town that is not afraid of embracing modern trends. The city is spelled as Gent in Flemish and Gand in French.

Ghent – showcase of Flemish Wealth & Architecture

Created by Drever on October 26, 2003 Best of IgoUgo

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Ghent is a showcase of medieval Flemish wealth and commercial success containing awesome architecture. Cathedral, church, and belfrey towers pierce the sky and fill the air with the music of their bells. Beside ancient harbours, ornate guild houses line the banks. Street markets flourish as in previous centuries.

Ghent-Somewhere between Heaven & Earth

Created by Linda Kaye on November 18, 2002 Best of IgoUgo

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Two medieval castles, nineteen museums, five abbeys, dozens of churches and countless historic buildings can keep a tourist busy for days-no other Belgian city has as many preserved monuments. Ghent is a warm and gracious city with an equal measure of art, history, culture and romance.

Enjoying Ghent

Created by Re Carroll on September 20, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

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Ghent is half way between Brussels and Bruges and seems to be overlooked in favour of those cities. It might not be as cosmopolitan as Brussels or have the quaintness of Bruges but it is worth at least a day trip to sample its charm and visit the historical sights.

Hopping Down to Ghent

Created by bhmorton on November 19, 2007

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On a cold winter's day, there is no finer place to be than in a Belgian bar, eating good food and drinking the world's finest beer. And of all the bars in all the towns of Belgium, the very best is the Hopduvel in Ghent.

Belgium The Heart of Europe

Created by bunny_teddy on March 12, 2005

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Last year, I spent 10 days in Belgium. My best friend and I hung around the country. e went to Brugge, Antwerp, Liege, Brussels, and Ghent. Everywhere seems charming, romantic, nice, friendly, and so lovely. Travel around this country on this trip was unforgettable to me. I love this country, and I'll be there again.

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