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La Paz - The Blue Jewel

Created by spuguru on December 11, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

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I can't imagine that a more beautiful or more relaxing place than La Paz exists in Mexico. It's clean, the people don't live in squallor, you won't find much spring break type behavior, and many of the tourists are from Mexico! I call it tastefully touristy.

"La Paz" means "Peace"

Created by El Gallo on August 11, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

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La Paz isn't a hot tourist spot, but it offers nature, sunshine, desert....and calm.

Cruise Ships in La Paz

Created by 12CGTV on November 11, 2008

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La Paz is a port that not to many cruise ships visit , The ships dock at Puerto De Pichilingue the beaches and dowtnown are a few miles away from the cruise dock, they have a free shuttle bus to the beach and another shuttle bus to take you downtown.

Cruise Journal

Created by DABATALB on April 22, 2005

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Cruise to Mexico

Dive Trip to La Paz

Created by StephCat on February 5, 2005

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My husband and I did a 5-day, 4-night dive trip to a resort, Club Cantamar, just outside of La Paz. There was great diving, warm water, and lots of critters, including a juvenile whale shark.

Dive Destination

Created by Mistery on September 8, 2003

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The people were friendly, the weather wonderful, the diving was easy (although the dive sites were a 2 hour boat ride), and the whale shark in the bay was very special.

La Paz, Baja

Created by kaytidid on April 25, 2003

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The best reason to travel to Baja is to snorkel, dive, and see the whales. I stayed in La Paz but found a great day trip to Bajia Magdelena to see the mother gray whales with their babies. It was astonishing. A peaceful, beautiful trip.

La Paz Adventure

Created by SkipLaPaz on March 4, 2003

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Beatiful and serene La Paz. I'm biased, as I own a rental condominium in the La Concha Resort. But, La Paz is a piece of paradise. The fishing and scuba diving is world-class, the food is tremendous, and this commerce-based city of 250,000 has a relatively small focus on tourists.

Live-Aboard Log On The Sea Of Cortez

Created by Gil Z on November 2, 2000

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My dive boat steams through the balmy Sea of Cortez above schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks. It passes between cactus-filled shores lining aquamarine waters towards a vermilion sunset. It follows a spouting blue whale. It stops at a sea lion rookery to let us frolic with playful pups.


Created by 12CGTV on September 17, 2000

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