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Berry College In Northwest Georgia

Created by gateach on February 11, 2007

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If you like architecture then you will love the old buildings of Berry College in Rome, Georgia. There is also an old mill that was once used by the college.

Martha Berry Home

Created by gateach on February 11, 2007

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While on a trip to Rome, Georgia, to take a test for teaching I decided to visit the Martha Berry Home & Museum. What a surprise! It was much more than I expected!

Roman Holiday

Created by willow on November 18, 2000

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Rome is located in the Historic High Country of Northwest Georgia on land once farmed by the Cherokee, which later became the actualization of one woman's dream of a school for mountain children. This historically rich mountain town is a perfect weekend spot to rest, relax and reminisce.

All Roads lead to Rome - Rome, Georgia that is

Created by Tideone on September 14, 2000

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Just like its sister city in Italy, Rome Georgia is built on seven hills. This is a beautiful city with a lot of history. As a child I can remember passing through Rome on our yearly trips to Atlanta for my dad to attend a convention. I always told myself if I ever had the chance I would one day come back and spend a little more time. I did that last spring when my wife and I spent an afternoon, a night and a morning exploring the area and even that was not enough time to really see and do everything. But being close to home we have promised ourselves we will come back again some day.

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