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Created by quinius on July 27, 2005 Best of IgoUgo

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Vina del Mar is a small beach/resort town in central Chile. When traveling in Chile, Vina is an excellent spot to spend a day relaxing on the beach in between visiting the main attractions of Chile. It is located about 5 minutes from the historical port of Valparaiso. In this journal, you can read about some of the unique facts and places in Vina del Mar.

The Beaches and the Andes in Central Chile

Created by Robert Raymond Ingledew on December 31, 2006

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In Chile the Andes and the beaches are very near each other, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the Andes and beaches the same day. La Serena, Reñaca, Viña del Mar, and Algarrobo are all beaches that deserve a visit. And Chile has modern ski centers (Valle Nevado, Chillan).

Delicious Vina del Mar!

Created by kireelady on February 12, 2006

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This is the South Beach of Chile. It is a must-see if you are in that part of Chile.

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