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Jekyll Island, an island of peace and tranquility

Created by Tideone on September 10, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

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Jekyll Island is like taking a step back in history. While other beach resorts are cluttered with hotels, condo, and fast food restaurants, Jekyll Island only has 10 hotels, leaving plenty of room for everyone to claim a piece of the beach.


Created by HURTBRIDE2B on April 12, 2007

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Jekyll Island Club Hotel - One Hot Hotel

Created by Daddyarewethereyet on August 1, 2005

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Everything you have heard and read about Jekyll Island Club Hotel is true.

Jekyll Island

Created by Ashley1234 on July 31, 2005

2 Reviews

Jekyll was a beautiful place and very natural!!!

Jekyll Island Day Adventure

Created by tessh24 on March 4, 2005

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My husband and I spent a Sunday afternoon at Jekyll Island. We were impressed and had a great getaway.

A Living Classroom

Created by Chess-ter on September 30, 2004

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I went on a field trip to Jekyll Island with my school. There I learned all about ecology through the 4-H Center. This is a beautiful place in Georgia.

Christmas Holiday Island

Created by leakyoleboat on September 28, 2003

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A wonderland of seasonal sights, sounds, and lights bursts forth on Jekyll Island every Thanksgiving that lasts thru the Christmas Season. Not to be confused with the overdone light shows produced in some areas, this island event has successfully teamed its Christmas lighting with that old fashioned Christmas feeling of yesteryear.

Best Kept Secrets/Jekyll Island, Ga

Created by leakyoleboat on September 2, 2003

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One of the last "unspoiled" destinations on the East Coast, this preserved historic site is a little known and mostly undeveloped island off the coast of Georgia. Jekyll Island offers what folks "used" to go to Florida for: great weather, natural beauty, and brief glimpses of the past.

Grinch to the Golden Isles

Created by willow on December 18, 2000

6 Reviews
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Deficit of holiday cheer and defunct of employee enthusiasm, we skipped the office Christmas party and escaped to the Golden Isle.

Jekyll Island We Visit

Created by willow on November 15, 2000

9 Reviews

Jekyll Island is the southernmost of the Golden Isles. The island offers year round vacation and recreational activities.

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