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hidden havana

Created by alex b on September 2, 2002 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews
4 Stories

Geographically, Cuba is an island but culturally it is a harbor. Only 90 miles south of Miami, Havana presents a striking juxtaposition of old world grandeur, revolutionary conviction and a curious yet critical take on its northern neighbor. The embargo places heavy restrictions on travelling from the U.S., yet students and those providing medical supplies will find an easier journey through the red tape.

City of Tinajones

Created by Mutt on April 14, 2002 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews

Travelling from Santiago de Cuba to Havana my first stop is in the small provincial capital of Camaguey.

Havana Ball

Created by Mutt on April 14, 2002 Best of IgoUgo

9 Reviews

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to go to Cuba and I feared that my expectations would lead to disappointment, but Havana easily lived up to the city of my dreams.

A week in a Communist Land

Created by kiminhalifax on December 18, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

7 Reviews
2 Stories

One week in Cuba was enough - but the weather and beaches were incredible!!!


Created by El Gallo on October 14, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

1 Review
6 Stories

The hot way to get to Havana--an ocean liner voyage from Cancun that costs LESS than airfare!

Xploring Havana, Cuba

Created by the Xplorer on December 8, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

4 Reviews
2 Stories

A trip to Havana Cuba is a trip back in time. It is a unique and exciting place where history and culture meet and where one of the modern worlds’ social and political controversies can still be witnessed first hand.

Las flores de la vida

Created by Joel on November 7, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews
1 Story

In a subtropical frame with a quasi-perfect climate, I experienced the sensation of the taste of Cuban cocktails, the perfume of a handmade Cohiba cigar, the real heartbeat of Son and Rumba and the intellectual pleasure of a political discussion about the Revolution, maybe Cuba's most important export product!

Americans in Cuba

Created by makmak on June 5, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

15 Reviews
2 Stories

Four Americans travel to Cuba in the midst of the Elian González controversy.

Spring Break 2010 in Cuba

Created by Rogers57 on March 31, 2010

1 Review

Our first trip to Cuba!!!. Looking forward to some fun, relaxation on the beaches!!!

Be Careful in Cuba

Created by pfjeffries on March 1, 2008

1 Story

Exploitation of tourists and driving dangers

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