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Pennsylvania Mountains & Small Town

Created by pgher on December 30, 2006

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Visit a small historic town within a couple hours drive of Pittsburgh, DC, Baltimore or Philly.

Old Bedford Village

Created by Suzanne715 on August 17, 2005

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Take a step back in time. Visit Old Bedford Village, a collection of buildings from the 1700 and 1800s. You will realize the tough lives our ancestors endured and appreciate the comfort things we enjoy in life today, perhaps a little more.

Coral Caverns, a Rare Find

Created by Suzanne715 on June 6, 2005

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In the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania lies a reef discovered in 1928 while mining limestone from the mountain. Take a step back in time and walk through this fossilized coral reef cavern that once decorated the bottom of The Great Inland Sea 400 million years ago.

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