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Anniversary Weekend in Kennebunkport

Created by ahanstad on August 19, 2009

2 Reviews

This was our long weekend in Maine for our 15th wedding anniversary. We stayed at the Colony Hotel, had dinner at the White Barn Inn, viewed Walker Point, and ran into the Bush girls at the Kennebunkport River Club where they were about to play tennis. An amazing trip!

Life in Maine

Created by rad1921 on December 29, 2006

1 Review

Life along the Tidal River.

Temporary Local

Created by theme park junkie on September 9, 2005

3 Reviews

I have had the occasional boyfriend from different parts of America. Ryan is from Maine, land of lobster, and I love lobster. Ryan is okay, too, which is why we're now just friends, friends with lobster, which is the best benefit.

Kennebunk, ME getaway

Created by dcurnutte on May 16, 2005

1 Review
1 Story

My wife and I took our daughter (2 months old at the time) for a 4-day getaway to visit family.

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