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Bequia, eastern Caribe Sea Port of Call

Created by Pirate43 guide on December 9, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

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Bequia is a small island and reported to be a prime scuba dive location. I was pleasantly surprised to find it not only was great diving but plenty to do above the water while still maintaining a small island charm.

Bucolic Bequia

Created by southerntravlr on October 25, 2007

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Small island off the beaten path, somewhat famous for its location near to locales chosen for Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise...

Charming Bequia - Why I Won't Be Back!

Created by claudiate on March 28, 2007

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Beautiful lush island with crescent-shaped beaches, colorful buildings and laid-back atmosphere.

Tradewinds Cruise Club

Created by Daveinva on November 18, 2003

2 Reviews

Absolutely fabulous vacation if you like sailing, snorkeling, relaxing, drinking, and eating.

Caribbean Nightmare

Created by 10,000 Lakes on August 18, 2003

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I took my youngest son (18) for the adventure of a lifetime. I had very high expectations, but the overall trip was very disappointing.


Created by richardcathy on October 25, 2002

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If you love the water and would enjoy sailing on the crystal clear waters of the caribbean, I would recommend that you check out St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

Windjammin' 2000 - Bequia

Created by Kaye on September 1, 2000

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Bequia is a beautiful little island that lies 9 miles south of St. Vincent. It measures over 7 square miles making it the largest island of the Grenadines. The name Bequia (pronounced Beck-Way)comes from the old Carib word "Becouya" and it means "Island of the Cloud."

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