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Birthday Celebration in Trinidad and Tobago

Created by nalini28 on July 2, 2007

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1 Story

Birthday celebration.

Big Fete in Trinidad Trip

Created by SWstriker17 on February 23, 2007

1 Review

When I touched down in the land of steel pan, I felt the heat already. I could hear the music. We reached there in November.

Trinidad 2005

Created by sassywow on June 7, 2005

1 Review

What a beautiful place!

My First Band Launch in Trinidad

Created by Jalpari on May 31, 2005

1 Story

The early stages of Carnival activity begins here. Buckle up and enjoy the fete!

The Land of Calypso and Steel Drums

Created by gerbear69 on February 19, 2005

1 Review
1 Story

The island of Trinidad may not be the tourist mecca of the Caribbean, but there are some worthwhile reasons to visit, most notably the diverse ethnic culture and food selections.

Look, de Band is Coming (Trinidad Carnival)

Created by smilingtraveller on December 7, 2004

4 Reviews
1 Story

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