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Tales from Rwanda

Created by husain on January 7, 2005

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Perhaps a country thats become synonymous with strife, violence and bloodshed - if you followed the news bulletins ten years ago, and then again- on the tenth anniversary of the genocide. Rwanda was in the news, but not on the agenda. A responsibility that the world refused to accept and an apology that it has ended up becoming ever since... Before the genocide occurred in 1994, Rwanda was often referred to as 'a tropical Switzerland in the heart of Africa' Between April and June 1994, within the space of a hundred days, almost a million Rwandans, almost ten percent of the entire population, were killed. Most of the dead were Tutsis and most of those that killed were from the from the majority Hutu community. Some moderate Hutus were killed as well, in what is referred to as `the fastest genocide in history'. The international community did its best not call it genocide, since labelling it as such would impose a legal obligation on the world to try to stop it.

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