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Living in Lund

Created by dackelynn on July 26, 2006 Best of IgoUgo

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I lived in Lund while pursuing my masters degree. I found this town to be incredibly enchanting. The nighlife is wonderful and the city is beautiful. I loved it so much that I would like to move back there in a year or so.

The City of Students

Created by hellberg on September 27, 2005

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What to do in Lund?

Everyone should visit this city

Created by B RAD on February 18, 2005

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I studied here for a year-and-a-half while finishing my physics degree, and it was the greatest year of my life. There's everything from a 1000-year-old church, viking ruins, and a particle accelerator. What more could you want?

Lovely Lund

Created by Owen Lipsett on December 15, 2004

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Founded by the Danish King Svend Tveskæg in 990, Lund is today the second-oldest town in Sweden and home to Scandinavia's largest university. Its stunning Romanesque cathedral, fine museums, and relaxed atmosphere make it a superb day trip from Copenhagen or Malmö.

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