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The Rock at Morro Bay and California's Central Coast

Created by Barber E. Lane on July 12, 2002 Best of IgoUgo

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Morro Bay, California is a charming, quiet, oceanside town located halfway between Los Angeles and San Franciso. It is not on the freeway, but accessed via highway 101 which runs along the beautiful central California coast. Great art and great chowder can be found.

A Road Trip from Los Angeles to Morro Bay

Created by markraffaele on March 26, 2004

2 Reviews

We took a road trip from Los Angeles as a quick getaway for the weekend. The weather was perfect: 70 degrees F and blue skies. WOW!

My Mother's Dream

Created by flash2177 on July 24, 2003

1 Review

My mother always wanted to live there. I wondered about that place. Rented the car with my girlfriend and planned on staying for two days. Saw the Morro Rock, the sunset -- so beautiful. I now understand why my mother always wanted to live there. Perfect for romantic geteaways.

Big Rock

Created by IWW639 on September 7, 2000

4 Reviews

Morro Bay is a chaming little fishing town. Its main economy is from tourism followed by fishing.

Paradise in Central California

Created by kelley on August 25, 2000

3 Reviews

Natural beauty is the name of the game. I found this place to be a nice place to collect my thoughts, breath in fresh air, and chat with the locals.

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