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Nation's Capital Visit

Created by Rexhame Bill on May 2, 2002

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Road trip to DC with the ability to visit all DC's tourist sites without staying in the District.Use of the Metro system for safe,efficient and low cost travel to most area locations.Hotel in VA offered reasonable room rates, free parking and short walk to local dining and the Metro.

Crystal City - A Destination and a Gateway

Created by jj2 on April 1, 2001

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Crystal City is a collection of interconnected high rise buildings in Arlington, Virginia. Though typically a business destination, there are unexpected treats there and nearby. Stay tuned, this journal will be updated frequently...

The Bars of Arlington

Created by mardi on January 20, 2001

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Away from the hustle of Washington DC, Arlington offers some great bars for an evening out.

A Weekend in Arlington and DC

Created by Constance on October 12, 2000

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Arlington is a beautiful city surrounded by parks, trees and water. It's close enough to D.C. that you'll never run out of things to do but far enough away that you can escape the other tourists and enjoy yourself.

Arlington's Not-So-Hidden Hanoi

Created by Ivy on August 24, 2000

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A substantial Vietnamese population has greatly influenced my family's lifestyle, which has grown far more accustomed to eating a warm bowl of pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup) than "Grandma's chicken noodle soup" when one of us is under the weather.

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