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Met online friend in Brunei

Created by alfredtet on May 28, 2007

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I met Sam, my net friend, in Brunei. A cool and nice guy who took me for a wonderful, equally exciting small little speedboat tour around their heritage "Water Village". Seatbelt? Nah, not even a fixed seat! Haha! But it was a real experiences and I enjoyed it most. Thanks Sam, U r wonderful!!

Royal Brunei Airlines

Created by auroranorth on January 18, 2007

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A detailed description of the recent flight I took from Perth to Singapore and Brunei.

Exploring Brunei

Created by kotitihaere on December 21, 2006

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A glimpse of a fascinating place with lots to offer.

Quiet, yet busy, Brunei

Created by S.L.Hii on September 10, 2004

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It is a county that is hardly touched with development, but it is also not an isolated country.

Brunei Journal

Created by shaicoggins on July 23, 2003

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"Nature is full of infinite causes that have never occurred in experience." - Leonardo Da Vinci Stiff legs, aching muscles, and a bit of a holiday hangover. I have all these from the trip. But in spite of it all, I enjoyed Brunei more than I expected.

Mosques and Milkshakes

Created by willwander on December 13, 2002

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Home of the world's richest monarch (at least until Bill Gates buys a kingdom) Brunei is a pleasant contrast to the anarchy often seen in the Muslim world.

The rainforest Brunei

Created by faiz123 on March 15, 2002

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Brunei is my home country. I live in the village called Kampung Sinaut. It was in Tutong. There were also a famous oil-tanks site in Seria.

A Tiny Sultanate and a Rich Sultan

Created by Marianne on October 6, 2001

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The sultanate of Brunei is situated on the north west coast of Borneo. It's a tiny country. The sultan is the second richest man in the world.

Two days in Brunei

Created by hughesrewards on September 24, 2001

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Having an interest of Brunei, I decided to visit this small but rich country on the island of Borneo.

A Royally Natural Place

Created by parasbdoshi on February 16, 2001

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My friend telling me that the Mosques in Brunei are the best, Reading a story which confirmed that it is possible to visit the Sultan's Palace and finding twelve roofs ensured that I would visit Brunei in December 2000. 'Barunah!' exclaimed early settlers who reached the Brunei River. The classical Malay expression meant excellence of the site for settlement, security, access and richness of the surrounding. In short, "Oh, Yeah!". It is said the exclamation became the name of the new city-state. Barunah later changed to Barunai. Barunai, of Sanskrit origin, comes from the word Varuna. In its Malay context, it referred to a nation of seafarers and traders. Brunei and Borneo were among early European references to the state and the island. The second sultan, Sultan Ahmad, was the first to name 'Brunei' from the word 'Barunah'. Darussalam, Arabic terms for Abode of Peace, was added in the 15th century by the third sultan, Sharif Ali, to emphasise Islam as state religion, and to enhance its spread. According to David Lake’s Brunei(1989), it may also be a stepchild of the berunai tree (Antidesma bunius), which produces a wonderful fruit with a bright red juice that leaves a purple stain on fabrics. Over time, says Crawford’s Descriptive Dictionary, Islamic sailors extended the name Brunei to the whole island. Later, European voyagers used curious ‘brunei’ spellings to identify the island written as Bornei, Brunai and yes, Borneo.

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