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Languedoc Roussillon, the Land of Wine and Honey

Created by sararevell on July 3, 2010 Best of IgoUgo

10 Reviews
5 Stories

A neighbour to popular Provence, this stunning region is often overlooked. Its wine and honey production are two good reasons to go but the Mediterranean coastline, mountains, ‘garrigue’ hillsides and sleepy villages are other major draws. We made our base at St. Laurent de la Cabrerisse near Carcassonne.

Jouteurs, Fauvists and Festas in Languedoc Roussillon

Created by jaybroek on January 30, 2007 Best of IgoUgo

3 Reviews
3 Stories

Here is an eclectic mix of some of the less well known towns in France's south-western corner. We came, we strolled, we ate.

Argelès-sur-mer: Camping, But Not As We Know It

Created by jaybroek on October 24, 2006 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews
1 Story

Sitting proudly on the Côte Vermeille in Southwest France, Argelès has more camping than anywhere in Europe - well, they call it camping...

The Ruined Cathar Castles of Languedoc

Created by artsnletters on October 18, 2004 Best of IgoUgo

1 Review
4 Stories

Languedoc, in southwestern Mediterranean France, is a region of arid, dramatic scenery and tragic medieval history. I spent an unforgettable day hiking to the ruined hilltop Cathar castles for a look down at the rugged landscape and back through the ages.

Languedoc - French Treasure

Created by nrf on March 10, 2005

2 Reviews
1 Story

This journal describes the quiet pleasures of villages in southwest France.

The European Decision

Created by ifcg on February 15, 2005

2 Reviews

Having made the decision to retire to Europe, how do you decide where to choose? We decided. We chose the Languedoc.

Village life in the Languedoc

Created by studelyknowles on September 28, 2004

1 Review
1 Story

An exploration of the beautiful Languedoc-Roussillion: towns, villages, lakes, rivers, and of course, gastronomie!

A French Experience

Created by JOLYNE on July 11, 2004

1 Review

A travelog of sights, sounds, and experiences in this quiet, unknown southern French province to the non-French, along with other continentals.

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