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Jerome AZ, Vortex, and Elder Hippies

Created by samepenny on March 2, 2004 Best of IgoUgo

9 Reviews

Jerome is a fascinating old mining town that could serve as a set for the TV program Northern Exposure. Question: where did the hippies go to retire? Answer: Jerome, Arizona!

Arizona Dreaming

Created by annief on November 9, 2007

1 Story

Trip to Jerome, Az.

Jerome, a Ghost town that Doesn't Sleep

Created by Bella_Lilly on June 6, 2006

2 Reviews
1 Story

A hillside town, where the people are more important than the views.

Jerome, Arizona, a Town Reborn

Created by mag&dick on January 12, 2003

7 Reviews

In its first heydey, Jerome was a wild copper mining town, with saloons and "houses of ill repute." Today it has been reborn as a tourist destination that combines history, the arts, and a sense of fun. Jerome is two hours from Phoenix and close to Prescott and Sedona, Arizona.

Central and Northern Arizona

Created by left2write on April 15, 2002

1 Review

With a more temperate climate than Phoenix and points south, the Verde Valley area offers plentiful opportunities to roam and to enjoy Arizona's bountiful treasures. I've been visiting yearly for over a decade and have never run out of new places to explore.

Treasures along the Rio Verde

Created by Whirlwind on October 27, 2000

2 Reviews
1 Story

Located near the heart of the Grand Canyon State, Jerome makes a good base for exploring the beauty of Central Arizona's National Forests before heading south and west to Phoenix and Yuma and the Mexican border beyond.

Jerome, AZ, Mining Town Turned Artists' Colony

Created by imascribe on August 12, 2000

1 Review

Jerome, AZ, used to be a mining town of 15,000 people in its heyday. The town has since been a ghost town and is now revived into an artists' colony. Population 1996: 437.

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