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Off-Season Tourism - Mammoth Lakes, CA

Created by Lyora on April 10, 2013

2 Reviews

Enjoy your favorite tourist destinations "off-season". Save time, save money and avoid stress in Mammoth Lakes, California.

Fall in Mammoth Lakes

Created by Marden on December 17, 2006

1 Review

Description of trails and sites in the mamoth lakes area

Skiing in Mammoth Lakes

Created by jporter1224 on July 1, 2005

3 Reviews

This was a great family place. There was tons to do: skiing, racquetball, fishing, horseback riding, ect. The skiing is better than anywhere I have been.

Mammoth in a blizzard

Created by drkriley on March 28, 2005

1 Review

It was interesting to do Mammoth in a severe blizzard, but even then it is a cool place. It's a little too far for me to do regularly from Northern California, but the experience is enough to want to do again...

Weekend Break at Mammoth Lake

Created by paycorner on March 9, 2005

1 Review

Wow, wow, wow.. what a perfect place for skiing!

March Madness in Mammoth

Created by sierra7 on March 7, 2005

1 Review

Great weather, and even better snow! Monday the crowds were gone and we got some fresh pow-pow! Best snow was on the backside and off chair 9. Rented a condo within stumbling distance from the village, and it was great! The new gondola rocks and everybody was super friendly.

A Longer Weekend in the Eastern Sierra

Created by amarrao on January 23, 2005

3 Reviews

My father and I left on a Thursday evening to spend an extra-long MLK weekend carving the high-altitude slopes of Mammoth Mountain, our favorite resort. With record storms having slammed the area with 300 inches of powder in the last month, conditions did not disappoint.

Mammoth Mountain

Created by ZiGBiGDoG on January 16, 2005

2 Reviews

This is the best winter getaway spot I have ever been to. Seeing as I live in the Midwest, I see plenty of snow, but not like that! This is a place anyone can enjoy!

Thanksgiving at Mammoth

Created by sdski on December 11, 2004

1 Review

There were sunny skies and wide open trails with strong winds Thanksgiving morning, but everyone was burning up calories for the big feast ahead. Saturday was a white-out, with lots of snow. The local movie theatre was crowded, and the movie National Treasure was action packed. On Sunday there was lots of fresh powder.

Eastern Sierras

Created by noplacelikeroam on April 9, 2004

2 Reviews
1 Story

We spent the summer in the Eastern Sierras along 395 in California. We visited Devil's Postpile, Yosemite, Mono Lake, and Bristlecone (a forest with trees still living after 3,000 years). There was so much to see and do that we are going back this summer to enjoy the area again.

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