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A Great Escape to Galicia, Spain

Created by sararevell on May 21, 2007 Best of IgoUgo

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We left Santiago de Compostela to drive along the Rías Baixas and Miño River. The quiet roads and exquisite scenery made for a peaceful two-day trip through South-west Galicia, a region that has to be one of Spain’s best-kept secrets and a wonderful escape from the modern world.

Celtic Spain I - Galicia

Created by WeWillSurvive on August 5, 2006

1 Story

One of the many breathtaking destinations to be found in Iberia (Spain and Portugal). A genuinely Celtic (yes, you heard me correctly) land like no other.

GALICIA: Spain is green

Created by teddyña on March 18, 2004

3 Stories

Forget the sterotypes about Spain: Galicia is green, it rains, and they don't dance flamenco. It's not TYPICAL SPANISH. Galicia is the proof that Spain is DIFFERENT.

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