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Liberty in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Created by Sail Army on February 18, 2007

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1 Story

I have visited Bahrain as an Army Sailor on liberty. I figured it was high time to share it.

Ever Heard About Dilmun?

Created by kroete on December 8, 2006

1 Review

Bahrain is a small island east of Saudi-Arabia, next to Qatar. It has a very rich history, dating back to pre-historic times.

Bahrain From an Expat's Perspective

Created by mikiks on May 19, 2006

2 Reviews

An insider's perspective from numerous visits with my sister who now lives in Bahrain.

The Hustle-and-Bustle of Bahrain

Created by mahootna on October 4, 2005

4 Reviews
1 Story

An amazing array of souks, shopping centres, and crazy drivers!

Bahrain Expat Assignment

Created by globalroamer on April 26, 2005

14 Reviews
1 Story

An American expat in Bahrain, on a 1 year assignment. Opened my eyes to the diversity of the Arabian Gulf.

Bahrain- the Pearl of the Gulf

Created by world designer on October 17, 2000

1 Review

I have been to Bahrain with various friends, mainly to create events. We usually have the first few days and the last few days of the trip to explore, many interesting places to see, and great food.

Bahrain, the smiling island

Created by karlseth on October 6, 2000

2 Reviews

Bahrain, the site of the oldest permanent human habitations yet found, is a beguiling mix of the old and the new. Tiny and friendly, still retaining close links to Britain, Bahrain is a great introduction to the Arab World.

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