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Ayo Aya Ayutthaya

Created by SeenThat on June 3, 2008 Best of IgoUgo

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Few locations in modern Thailand offer a better insight to Thai culture and history.

A Riverboat Ride in Ayuthaya

Created by writeonthespot on December 13, 2005

1 Review

Ayuthaya is the capital of the old kingdom of Siam, which is now Thailand. The ruins of the capital are an attraction to many tourists.

Biking Around

Created by KanokwanSJ on October 28, 2005

1 Review

If you like old architecture, you should come here. Very nice.


Created by Wander Girl on November 16, 2004

1 Review

The ancient city of Ayutthaya was the second Siamese capital after Sukothai. It was destroyed by the Burmese in the 18th century. The fascinating ruins of the gigantic monasteries and temples reflect the glory of the city in its heyday.

Ruined! in Ayuthaya

Created by naseem on April 14, 2004

1 Story

A day trip through ancient temples and ruins in Ayuthaya leaves us "ruined."

Ayutthaya one-day trip

Created by Jameskyoto on February 26, 2004

1 Review

This is a guide of must-see sights for individuals looking for a one-day return trip out of the smog of Bangkok.

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