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Kabak - Get There Before The Developers Do

Created by Owen Lipsett on December 2, 2009 Best of IgoUgo

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4 Stories

Kabak barely features in guidebooks, if it does at all, it's simply as a good base for starting a trek along the Lycian Way, Turkey's best-known long-distance trail. Critics say "it's just a pretty beach with mountains" but that's the point!

Food Fit for a King!

Created by GrahamBev on July 31, 2007

1 Review

These guys sure know how to cook a Turkey!

Great Food in Fethiye

Created by EssexPauline on July 11, 2007

1 Review

Very nice restaurant in Fethiye.

Hike to Hisaronu

Created by TP TRAN on February 16, 2006

1 Review

Last-minute, beach-resort-type holiday!

Turquoise Blue Paradise

Created by thevagabond on October 21, 2004

7 Reviews

Fethiye, where the mountains and pine forests meet the turquoise sea, is a tourist destination with lots of small village charm and appeal.


Created by davett on June 28, 2003

1 Review


Relaxing in Fethiye

Created by Re Carroll on September 25, 2000

7 Reviews

This beach resort on the Mediterranean coast has beautiful sunsets & nice beaches & is becoming almost too popular.

Turkish Hamam, Fat and Hairy

Created by Antioch Yossarian on August 2, 2000

1 Review
1 Story

The sweaty, somewhat sordid experience of an authentic Turkish Bath.

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