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Tangalooma: Snorkeling the Shipwrecks and More

Created by stomps on August 31, 2006 Best of IgoUgo

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This was a day trip to Moreton Island, the second largest sand island in the world, and to its harbour of shipwrecks.

MORE! Moreton Island

Created by nmagann on March 17, 2005 Best of IgoUgo

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Tangalooma Wrecks, the reason for destination, didn’t disappoint. What an excellent idea for retired or wrecked ships - an artificial reef. But these can be enjoyed by divers and snorkelers and right from the shore. Both the wrecks and the fish are worth the ferry ride. All this on an empty, undeveloped island?

4 day get away to Moreton Island, QLD

Created by radood on January 23, 2009

2 Reviews

fantastic time at Moreton Island QLD

Day Trip to Tangalooma

Created by Kez on December 21, 2006

3 Reviews

What a great spot to chill out. Sunny, laid back and far from the madding crowds but only an hour by ferry from Brisbane this island is an oasis of relaxation and just what I found I needed for a quick recharge.

Moreton Bay

Created by Mel.S on October 22, 2004

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When going from Brisbane to Moreton Island, come with your car for long drives on the beach or take a drive up to the lighthouse. There are clear blue oceans and amazing shipwrecks to explore-a great place to snorkel or dive.

Visiting Spooky Island - Moreton Island, Australia

Created by Fly_Girl on December 1, 2003

5 Reviews

Moreton Island, accessible by ferry from Brisbane, is also known as Spooky Island. During my visit to Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort I found out how it came to be known by that name. Hint: Ask Sarah Michelle Gellar, or read this journal!

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