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Agistri Island, Greece

Created by sensay on August 9, 2006

1 Review

Agistri a forgotten treasure in the Saronic Gulf just a short boat trip from Athens.

Weekend in Agistri

Created by epamina on May 23, 2006

1 Review

A long weekend in Greece.

August in Greece

Created by pamiko on August 27, 2005

1 Review

We were too lazy, and it was too hot to travel, so we decided to find something close to Athens, and this brought us by chance to Agistri Island. It was all the nature, food, good company, music, and relaxation--and all this in Rosy's little village.


Created by olymp on July 28, 2005

1 Review

The island is covered by pine trees, so you can walk all day if you want collecting herbs. One of the last little remote villages invites you for retsina, dry bread, eggs, olives, and cheese. What more you could ask for after a day in nature, extremely beautiful views, and terrific sites.

Springtime Near Paradise

Created by olymp on April 2, 2005

1 Review

There were no crowds, greenery everywhere, a pine smell, flowers wherever you looked, turquoise waters, and food in the Alkiony restaurant just over the clip. Paradise should be like that.

Agistri Adventure

Created by newmadhatter on November 23, 2003

1 Review

Although only semi-awake following a night flight from Manchester, arriving early dawn at Pireaus, the tiredness disappears when you watch dawn break and reach the island of Agistri. The sight of the white church on the horizon with the blue cross lit up on the roof is wonderful!

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