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A Week in Turkey: Day Trip to Ephesus

Created by ssullivan on August 30, 2013 Best of IgoUgo

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Once one of the world's wealthiest and most important cities, Ephesus virtually disappeared due to earthquakes, fire, and time. But what was gone was never completely forgotten, and today, Ephesus offers visitors an amazing opportunity for a glimpse of life thousands of years ago.

Ancient Ephesus

Created by Taylor252 on August 26, 2003 Best of IgoUgo

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If you've read any of my other journals you know I like really old stuff! The excavations at Ephesus are unearthing an ancient treasure, and I'll try and look at some of the structures.

Ephesus: city of greatness

Created by Ishtar on September 24, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

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Ephesus conveys its enormity only after you have set foot in it. Historians would like us to believe that this city was inhabited as early as 1300 BCE. That means about 31 centuries?! Regardless of the dateline, this part of the world needs to be on any serious traveler’s agenda.

Always & Forever Impressive - Ephesus

Created by Re Carroll on July 2, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

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Ephesus was a major port town of the Roman Empire with a population of close to one quarter of a million people. Unfortunately, the harbour eventually silted up and direct access to the sea was cut off. Today, these extensive ruins are the most impressive in all of Turkey.

Ephesus - Historical, Cultural Masterpiece

Created by smmmarti guide on October 11, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

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One of the grandest "port" cities with an ancient history of settlement founded in 11-12th century BC purportedly by the Amazonians, taken by the Persians, the Macedonians, the Romans, the Goths, - oh, and the Christians. How could I not have known about this place before?!

Ephesus, famous ancient city

Created by walkman on August 2, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

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One of the most famous antique harbours of ancient times is Ephesus. The wonder of this place is saved in the its authentic form.

Extraordinary Ephesus

Created by akakd on October 28, 2008

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Ephesus IS history! Here is where the Virgin Mary is said to have spent her last days & where St. Paul is said to have preached to the Ephesians. Walking where they walked is historic enough, but here are also surprises & humorous sightings. Read on.

Magnificent Turkey

Created by worldsmyoyster on June 13, 2007

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Wonders of Ephesus - ancient site visits.

A day in Ephesus

Created by J. G. Nash on December 26, 2004

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Ephesus, Efes, or Selcuk are essentially one and the same place. By whichever name it is called, Ephesus is one of the four most visited places in all of Turkey; so many tourists enter the archaeological site each day that it often seems more like Disneyland than a 2,400-year-old city.

Ephesus Rocks!

Created by UCLArocks on October 18, 2004

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The ruins of ancient Ephesus are simply spectacular, even though the ruins are only partially excavated. Roman, ancient near Asian, and Christian history come alive in this most incredible Turkish site.

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