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Iowa - America's Heartland

Created by MilwVon on April 22, 2007 Best of IgoUgo

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Having lived here for nearly three years, it's time to write about some of the sites around the state using Des Moines as a home base.

Iowa Interlude: Fringes of Des Moines and the Amanas

Created by btwood2 on January 29, 2005 Best of IgoUgo

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We spent September on the fringes of Iowa’s capital city, Des Moines. Idyllic little Berwick is like a time-warp backwards 50 years. The Amana Colonies, 90 miles east, recall yet an earlier time, 150 years ago, when German settlers founded seven communal villages along the Iowa River.

Hotel Travels

Created by jessicapineapple on May 17, 2006

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Country Inn and Suites, Clive.

Des Moines??

Created by Wasatch on November 20, 2005

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You wouldn’t think it, but Des Moines is a nice place for a short visit.

Flip the Iowa cornfield!!

Created by ESTEEM on August 26, 2005

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My 2-month vacation in Iowa with my BF... not bad!!

Winter in Iowa

Created by mmaloo333 on June 4, 2005

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Iowa is cool state. The place I lived in Iowa was Des Moines, which is the capital city of Iowa. Des Moines has a small downtown, with the principal financial and capital buildings as the major attractions.

Des Moines

Created by backstage_diva on April 22, 2005

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I have gone to school in Des Moines for 4 years. There are so many places that I wish I would have known about back then.

Downtown Des Moines Marriott

Created by atmosphere262 on February 7, 2005

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We had a 1-night stay at the downtown Marriott.

Des Moines Highlights

Created by CheapSk8 on March 28, 2004

7 Reviews

Des Moines, Iowa is probably not the first place you think of when you think of excitement. But, Des Moines has a lot to offer, whether you're traveling with kids or a business person with a few hours to kill.

Great Surprises in Madison County

Created by mrtexas on January 29, 2003

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Central Iowa has a lot to offer to tourists just passing through or for a weekend stay.

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