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Civil War to Civil Rights: Southern History 101

Created by chadk78 on June 11, 2005 Best of IgoUgo

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Montgomery played a prominent role in two of our nation's greatest struggles. It witnessed the creation of a Confederate government destined to fail and the rise of a great hero in pursuit of equal rights for his people.

Weekend in Montgomery

Created by stvchin on January 17, 2011

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Out football weekend in Montgomery Alabama turned into a weekend of discovery and learning.

Family Trip to Alabama

Created by mrsmadis0n on July 10, 2006

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Every summer my family tries to get down to visit my aunts, uncles, and cousins in Alabama. The majority of our family lives down there. We always have a good time visiting family and sightseeing.

Montgomery, the cradle of the confederacy

Created by Tideone on October 10, 2000

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Not only can you visit the capitol of the state of Alabama, where the first and only president of the Confederacy took the oath of office, but you can also see a Shakespeare play at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival.


Created by Barnburner on July 31, 2000

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This is the city often neglected. It is the capitol of of a state that is 180 years old, with a great deal of Southern history and Civil Rights history. With the National Parks Service Project to build a Selma to Montgomery March Historic Trail, as well as the approved construction of a new baseball stadium, Montgomery's tourism prospects are growing.

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