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Charming Carmel-by-the-Sea

Created by becks on April 5, 2005 Best of IgoUgo

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Carmel-by-the-Sea is a charming small town at the south of the Monterey Peninsula. It is surrounded by lovely nature, and downtown has some excellent small shops and restaurants. Highway 1 towards Big Sur and the 17-Mile Drive in Pebble Beach are two of world’s most scenic roads.

Carmel: Clint's Bridges

Created by Ishtar on September 20, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

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Carmel should have been the setting for Bridges of Madison County; Clint could take pictures of Meryl in any setting: bohemian, artistic, panoramic, seaside, or in a secluded alleyway. Together, they would walk along Scenic Road, and he¡¦d open a photo gallery in one of the city¡¦s many arcades.

A True California Valley

Created by Judy Andreson on September 3, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

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Progress has a slow hand in the country-side of this Central Coast city. Ranching and growing grapes for wine are still a way of life here.

LA to San Francisco in 2 Days

Created by modernist on June 25, 2006

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Description of highway 1 drive from LA to SF with stops along the way.


Created by kustom57 on April 21, 2006

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Clint's town is still going strong. A leisurely trip to the town of Carmel.

Amazing Day Trip

Created by whatelb on April 20, 2006

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A day trip to Carmel, California. One of the amazing beach spots along the West Coast.

A Getaway By Carmel By the Sea

Created by BlueJay21 on February 18, 2006

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Many have driven past this little treasure spot, adjacent of Highway 1. It is a fine destination for a weekend getaway, or to visit on a road trip.

Carmel Tomato Festival: Died and Went to Heaven!

Created by Tana B. on December 29, 2004

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Gary Ibsen's annual "Tomato Festival" is one of the most coveted destinations for tomato lovers every September. in 2004, I was invited to come photograph it for a group of culinary professionals. Ohmygod.

Charming Carmel-by-the-Sea

Created by MsMaryMack on October 4, 2003

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Carmel By The Sea is a quiet, quaint town known for its golf, but offers so much more.

Carmel - California's Best

Created by food on December 14, 2002

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Carmel is a lovely seaside resort located on the California coast. home to artists and liver of the rugged sea coast.

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