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Esfahan Forever

Created by sararevell on February 20, 2005

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This is a memory of the first day I spent in Isfahan over 10 years ago. I hope to return one day and rediscover what has to be one of the most wonderful cities I've had the pleasure of visiting.

Esfahan, Nesf-e Jahan

Created by Esteeve on November 14, 2000

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Esfahan is a beautiful city that lies along the Zayand-e River and is perhaps most famous for its stunning 17th century mosques that are covered from top to bottom with intricately designed and crafted ceramic tiles, many being turquoise blue. Esfahan was the seat of power for the Safavid Dynasty.

Esfahan - piece of Europe in Iran

Created by walkman on July 27, 2000

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Esfahan is one of the greatest cities of old Persia. It was city of kings and today it is one of the most famous places where you can spend your time in Iran.

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