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Dining options in Norfolk

Created by vampirefan on January 1, 2006 Best of IgoUgo

4 Reviews
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John and I decided a weekend getaway to Norfolk would be the perfect way to have a stress-free Christmas.

A Lion King Christmas

Created by vampirefan on December 28, 2005 Best of IgoUgo

3 Reviews
3 Stories

What may sound like a holiday for a little girl was the perfect break for this big girl.

Fun in Norfolk

Created by kosvp on February 21, 2005 Best of IgoUgo

12 Reviews

Norfolk is a wonderful day trip from Virginia Beach. It has some amazing restaurants, nice nightlife, and cultural events. If you are interested in taking a day out from the sun, visit Norfolk. There is something for everyone; from the amazing views to the opera, you will find Norfolk enjoyable.

A 17 Mile Bridge Tunnel

Created by weeblewobble46 on July 23, 2008

1 Review

Have you ever fished from a 17 mile long bridge tunnel?

Downtown in Norfolk, Virginia

Created by vranhorn on August 17, 2007

2 Reviews

Trilogy Prime Steakhouse and Seafood.

American Rover Tall Ship Cruises

Created by KiwiCarter on January 4, 2006

1 Review

Great sailing experience

Victory Rover Naval Base Cruises

Created by KiwiCarter on January 4, 2006

1 Review

Best Naval Base Cruise

Norfolk - Home of the Atlantic Fleet

Created by nilgun on March 10, 2005

2 Reviews

Norfolk hosts the biggest Navy base on the entire world. On our weekend trip we visited various naval attractions.

Norfolk -- in the midst of a renaissance.

Created by Paulspicer on September 13, 2004

2 Reviews

Embedded in the wall of St. Paul’s Church, near the revitalized historic harbor, is a cannon fired by Lord Dunmore in 1776. The artifact now serves as a reminder to the modern waterside community, of its 400-year-old maritime history.

Norfolk Entertainment

Created by cassidy90 on August 20, 2003

4 Reviews

We actually live in Virginia Beach, but Norfolk is minutes away and we often spend time there. In Norfolk, there are a lot of good restaurants and activities in general.

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