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Whale Watching in St. Andrews

Created by SeemaDevi on October 5, 2005

2 Reviews

A visit to St. Andrews for whale watching was one of the most exotic sightseeing trips I had while I was on my stay in St. John.

The Tail of the Whale

Created by Doris82278 on August 19, 2004

1 Review

A whale of a time watching whales.

The Tail of the Whale, or A Tale of the Whale

Created by doberlady on August 18, 2004

1 Story

A whale of a tale about a whale!!

Exploring St. Andrews

Created by wlrn99 on June 15, 2004

4 Reviews

To escape to a relaxing spot, you need to visit St. Andrews-by-the-Sea in gorgeous New Brunswick!

St Andrew's, The Jewel by the Sea

Created by LacyLoLa on December 22, 2003

6 Reviews

St Andrews is a small oceanside town with a big spirit. An historic adventure awaits you no matter what you are looking for: specialty shopping, marine tours, great golf and more can be found in this tiny piece of heaven.

Charm of a small town

Created by spaceout on September 22, 2003

3 Reviews

We often go on day trips to discover our own part of the world. This time we stopped at St Andrews by-the-sea, where we discovered Kingsbrea Garden.

Beautiful St. Andrews

Created by Melodydunn on August 21, 2003

5 Reviews

St. Andrews is a picturesque little town that is a lovely tourist spot and a great place to see the whales.

St. Andrews By The Sea

Created by amcgrath on August 12, 2003

2 Reviews

A great place to getaway, if even for a few days.

St. Andrews

Created by kfs1980 on July 25, 2003

3 Reviews

St. Andrews.

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