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Well Worth Its Salt

Written by Niiko on 11 Jan, 2010

It's about half five in the morning, it's pitch-black, and it's minus-a-lot-degrees. I haven't had a proper wash in four days and I've been consistently cold for just about all that time - although I'm also sunburnt, somehow. Standing in the midst of a great…Read More

Day 3 - the salt flat!!!

Written by La Cuzca on 24 Jul, 2003

Day 3 takes you, finally, to the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world. This is quite a contrast to the last two days of travel, as there is actually no friction under the tires (they do speed tests for cars here).…Read More

Day 2 - A little bit of culture

Written by La Cuzca on 24 Jul, 2003

Day two of the jeep trip is nothing to get excited about, unless, of course, you are ready to be told some wacky information by your guide and get to laugh about it all day. We stopped off at some small ruins near the town…Read More

Day 1 - The colored lakes

Written by La Cuzca on 24 Jul, 2003

The jeeps take off early in the morning from San Pedro de Atacama. Get cozy in the jeep, you will be spending a LONG time in it. Bring lots of water and some snacks, as the journey is long and you will be ascending to…Read More

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